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Hostmom kitchen-Bali, Indonesia - 14th June 2013

By: Linda Fdph

Hello Mum

Balinese cuisine uses many herbs and spices. In almost every dish we use them. So itís very important to know what we need to make our cooking succeed.
Here is spices and herbs that HostMom and I have today in the kitchen : Cloves ( Cengkeh),  Kaffir Lime Leaves(Daun Jeruk Purut), Ginger(Jahe) ,  Cumin(Jintan),  Cinnamon(Kayu manis),  Candlenuts (Kemiri), Aromatic Ginger (kencur), Coriander(Ketumbar), Turmeric(Kunyit),  Galangal (Langkuas), White and black  Pepper(Merica putih dan hitam), Nutmeg(Pala),  Lemon grass ( Serai ),  Chilies ( cabai ) , Cardamon (Kapulaga ) , Onions ( Bawang Merah ) , Sesame seed ( Wijen ) , and also we have Glutinous Rice ( Beras Ketan )



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