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***, *** - 29th June 2012

By: mmm105


I'm a tiny dragon. My name is Druri.
Druri name is derived from Old French origins, and it means "friendship".

I'm going to tell you my story. Are you ready to listen?

I have spent my hole life in a shop in Madrid's airport. My biggest dream has always be able to travel in different places, learn and see new things.

Then I saw a kind-looking human, who watched me. She took me on her hands and said I'm cute, and then I realised: this would be my chance. So, I ask if this human could take me, and could give me a life outside the airport's shop. This human started to smile, and she adopted me right away. Oh, it made me soooo happy!  :)

I started to call this human as my mommy, mentor, mmm105. She promised that I will see the World. Wow!

This is how my story began. Would you want to help to continue my story? Would you take good care of me, and take me with you in different places so that my journey can go on? If so, let my mommy know about it.

Druri dragon

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