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Kiev, Pirogovaya Nikolay, Ukraine - 16th September 2012

By: Katusha

Hi, Mom! It's me! One day my host and I found an interesting cafe, where you can try a lot of pies with all kinds of fillings.


So we decided to visit it and to try something tasty :rolleyes: After my host's studies we went straight this place!
While we were waiting for our order, I looked through the window. Day was great and sunny. Last autumn sunny days..


Then our order was brought! There were one unsweetened pie and two pies with sweet fillings - blueberry and cherry. It was a big feast as for me :cyclops:



And tea was also great. My was with fresh raspberries, mint leaves and lime, I guess.


After our hearty lunch we went for a little walk along the side-street.




In the end of our walk we met these people with green umbrellas. It was some action. Witness for nature I think or something like that.


That was my day :rolleyes:

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