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to take part in a yoga lesson

to watch a football match (Schalke 04)

to cook a Scandinavian dish

to meet a real elk

to ride a motor bike

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Lichtenfels, Bavaria, Germany - 10th February 2013

By: Yosemite

Dear Mummy!

What a wonderful day! Maeusle woke us up early in the morning and said there were a wonderful energy in the air...  :rolleyes:

So we followed her to our living room and saw that she prepared th room for a energetic early yoga lesson! Oh yeah, thatīs great!

Do you remember that it is my life mission to take part in it? But really, it was not necessary to take part in the early bird course... Well...

we took place on the mat and I choose a place right in the front. I wanted to see our teacher and make everything correct.
At first we made Namaste, it means sit down cross-legged and hold the hands in front of the breast. So we calmed down ( although we only were stressed by the wake-up-call  :rolleyes:)

Then Maeusle told us to go into the position of the dog. That means: push the bottom to the ceiling and press hands and feet to the floor.
No problem for me, because I am very flexible  :D

The next position was the cobra. I was a little bit afraid but Maeusle said this is not dangerous. But it wasnīt eays to keep the balance of my horns  :)

Thank god the lesson was over then! We got a few minutes to relax from this effort.

When we were ready Maeusle said that I am a very good student! That made me very proud and I think I will start practicing yoga from now on!

Your Yogi Soeren


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