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Paderborn, Germany - 26th December 2012

By: mcdaniels

Merry Christmas to all people and ToyVoyagers!!!
On Christmas Eve we all went to my human sister. After a yummy dinner the giving out of Christmas presents began: we sat next to the Christmas tree and unwrapped presents. So we got to know Elvis, the singing little Christmas tree, a very nice guy.
And we played some games mum and dad gave as a present to each other: "nine men's morris" and "4 will win". Yuma and me against Knirrie and Konsta.
After watching "The Lion King 2" on TV we went to church (unfortunately I have no photo from it).
Yesterday we drove to my grandparents. We sang some Christmas songs and performed two songs by piano and trumpet! After that we needed a refreshment: some chocolat!
And we got to know a very nice giraffe who lives there on the piano.
Yuma and me visited the crib and found a good place between the other animals. We went very well with ox, donkey and the sheeps, didn't we?

weihnachten 12 007.JPG
weihnachten 12 008.JPG
weihnachten 12 009.JPG
weihnachten 12 010.JPG
weihnachten 12 011.JPG
weihnachten 12 012.JPG
weihnachten 12 013.JPG
weihnachten 12 014.JPG
weihnachten 12 015.JPG
weihnachten 12 017.JPG
weihnachten 12 018.JPG
weihnachten 12 019.JPG
weihnachten 12 028.JPG
weihnachten 12 023.JPG
weihnachten 12 024.JPG
weihnachten 12 027.JPG

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