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Wuppertal-Ronsdorf, Germany - 8th March 2013

By: Strunki

Hello Mummy,

today we went with our crew to a place of Wuppertal called the South-Hills, from where you have a full view of the eastern part of  the valley, Barmen. Unfortunatuly the weather-conditions were not as good as it should be, some of the pictures are a little dark and cloudy. But strunki told us, that this is the typical weather here in the Bergisch-Land. We had about 10°C and it did not rain.

In Wuppertal live almost 350.00 Citizens on almost 170.000 Km² and it is the Maintown of the Bergisch Land. The Main townparts are Barmen and Elberfeld and they fusioned togehter with Ronsdorf, Vohwinkel and Cronenberg in the early 30ths of the last century. They started textile-industrialism in the late 19th century and in the Town funded a lot of firms and factories expanded. But on the other hand you only need 5 Minutes to be in the forest or in some parks. It is a very green town.

After looking over Wuppertal, we went on to Ronsdorf where we bought some red and orange sweet bell pepper and some meat on the market.

In Ronsdorf we visited a little park inside the smalltown and played a little bit in the playground there.

On our way home to Remscheid finally we stopped by an old villa, a house as the best example of an typical style of so called "Bergischer Barock" with lots of ornaments, an impressive Main Door and green window shutters.

And in the evening we started cooking :p

Foto1704 M Südhöhe.jpg
Foto1705 M Südhöhe.jpg
Foto1706 F M S Hecke.jpg
Foto1717 alle Markt.jpg
Foto1719 alle Markt.jpg
Foto1720 Alle Ronsdorf.jpg
Foto1721 M Ronsdorf.jpg
Foto1726 alle Schaukel.jpg
Foto1728 alle Schaukel.jpg
Foto1729 M alle Schaukel.jpg
Foto1730 M Lotte Spielplatz.jpg
Foto1734 M S Spielen.jpg
Foto1737 alle Haus.jpg
Foto1737 M Haus.jpg
Foto1737 M Haustür.jpg
Foto1743 M Haus Seite.jpg

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