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Strunkis Kitchen, Germany - 8th March 2013

By: Strunki

Today we plushies did the cooking again and it was a great adventure:
We filled the sweet bell pepper with the meat we bougth on the market.

I cut the onions japanese style. Banzai!

Charlotte fought brave with the mixer, it was a huge one and we all supported her during her figth :cyclops:

And we had a lot of fun doing this together and the results are very yumyum:)

Foto1747 M Korb ausladen.jpg
Foto1750 M S Korb.jpg
Foto1752 M S F Korb ausladen.jpg
Foto1756 M Paprika waschen.jpg
Foto1757 M Schneidet Zwiebeln.jpg
Foto1758 M alle schneidet Zwiebeln.jpg
Foto1759 M S schneidet Zwiebeln.jpg
Foto1762 M schneidet Paprika.jpg
Foto1765 M Lotte Mixer.jpg
Foto1769 alle Lotte Mixer.jpg
Foto1770 M S F füllen.jpg
Foto1774 M Topf.jpg
Foto1775 alle Ofen.jpg
Foto1776 alle Ofen.jpg
Foto1779 M alle essen.jpg

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