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San Diego, USA - 11th May 2013

By: Sarah Lynn

Hi Mom! I'm here in San Diego! The weather is beautiful! Its so warm and sunny here, I love it! Right away I changed out of my heavy shirt and pants, whew, its warm!

I met a really nice TV from Germany named Alien Princess and another who lives here named Shadow Cat. They showed me around at the plants outside called succulents, they grow everywhere around here. I met the resident cats named Toad and Peach. They are so big and soft, they thought I smelled interesting. Next my HostMommy openned all the packages that came with me in my bag! Alien Princess is silly and thought the car mirror cover was a blanket. Hehe! Next we shared cookies that I brought! Yum! Everyone LOVED them! After that we went shopping with our Host and her girlfriend but we didn't take any pictures at the mall. Then HostMommy's girlfriend made a whole fish for dinner. Whoa! What a big fish! It was delicious! Host Mommy's girlfriend showed us how to eat the fish with our hands filipino style. Don't worry, we didn't get messy!
Then we all played dress up before bed, can you tell we are excited for the beach? Then I snuggled in my sleeping bag, GOODNIGHT! What a good first day!


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