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Around Silver Lake, Rochester, MN, USA - 21st February 2014

By: sannah

Hi sis!

Yesterday and today work was canceled for sannah because of an upcoming Blizzard. At first, there was snow and then lots of wind, close to storm (at around 80km/h).

But in the afternoon, the wind had calmed down a little and sannah took us for a walk in order to get fresh air after having been locked up for nearly two days (which is the most reasonable thing to do).

It was beautiful in this hour shortly before sunset.

Along Silver Lake Drive, cars were driving more careful than usually.


It will take some time before somebody can sit on this bench again:


With the blue sky and the still fresh snow, the atmosphere was extraordinary calm. I loved it! Oh, Silver Lake is hidden somewhere under this plain snow coat.


Isn't mother nature's work amazing?


From the south end of Silver Lake on 7th St NE you have a nice look over downtown Rochester with its highest building (Broadway Suites and Apartments) on the left and the RPU Power Plant on the right. Hidden in between is the remarkable tower of the Plummer Building, can you spot it, sis?


This scenery is pretty romantic, isn't it? The two stone bridges ... It's hard to believe you are in the middle of a city with a population of more than 108,000!


I must admit, it was even more romantic against the sunset ...


Another view of downtown from the northeast Silver Lake. Those small mountains of snow were caused by the storm - blowing snow is a serious traffic danger! Even for those who were walking, because the mostly cleared path was blocked by snow drifts.


One last look ...


... and then we headed back home. Without the sunshine, it was freezing cold!

All the best to you! And don't worry, we stay warm!


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