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TABRIZ, Iran - 27th September 2013

By: lili_6789

since 4th august I'm living in tabriz, given home by lovely lili_6789 and dear Yashila_81!!!!! I was a bit scared when ipuenktchen brought me 5.000 km away into another culture.. as well as here are lots of sheeps allover where!!!!!!!!??!?! how could she be shure I'll be accepted by my new parents!!!?!?! but now after nearly 2 months I can say I'm a really HAPPY sheep!!!!!!!!

and it was soooooooo kind of dear Yashila_81 to make a dream got true as I saw in my dreams since I heard about, to see dear little JORIS the first, who is gone in the wild - alone and hopefully curageous!!! and remembering him Yashila made a collage and I have this pic always in front of me at my place - and here you may see it, too:
****JORIS the First & JORIS the 2nd****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thank you so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, dear Yashila_81!!!!!!!
so dear little JORIS the First will never be forgotten!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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