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Downtown Rochester, MN, USA - 23rd May 2013

By: sannah

Hi there!

This morning, sannah has had some things to do downtown and I sneaked into her purse to go with her.

There is not really a large market square like in most European countries, but two smaller plazas, surrounded by the tall buildings that are all belonging to the well known Mayo Clinic: enough space for research, administration, patient care - you name it!

This is an old movie theater called Chateau - today, it is a book store.

Now have a look at the Peace Plaza:

The nice building in the middle is the Plummer Building. Nils told me he sat nearly on top of it ... but somehow I can't believe him ...

sannah quickly returned to her car because she was only allowed to park 30 minutes where she was. So here I'm sitting on the top of the trunk of her car, overlooking 1st Ave W.


As you can see, not all buildings are that tall. Some are older and smaller, most of them with smaller shops or restaurants on the first floor. Because at lunch hour, the streets are crowded with people who want to grab something to eat. But we were long gone ...

sannah is very busy packing things. Tomorrow, we are leaving for a long weekend - a trip west, that's all I know!


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