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Crazy Horse Memorial, USA - 25th May 2013

By: sannah

Hi there,

right after leaving Mount Rushmore, we went to another monument carved in stone: the nearby Crazy Horse Memorial. Crazy Horse was an Indian warchief of the Lakota people and if you thought Mount Rushmore was huge, this monument is even huger!

It's so huge that it wasn't possible for sannah to take a photo of me and the original - here it is as in May 2013.

But there were many models of how the memorial should look like when it's finally completed and I was able to pose with one of it.


You can see how much work there still is to do - and they have been working on it for decades. Korczak, the sculptor who started working on it died in 1982, but the face was completed and inaugurated not earlier than 1998! His family continues the work as his heritage and since there is no government funding, progress is only made by donations and the admission fees to the area.

This is another statue by Korczak called Fighting Stallions.


I do not know if Mount Rushmore or Crazy Horse was more impressive ... And that was only the beginning of me exploring the Black Hills!

All the best,

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