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Amrum, Germany - 3rd September 2013

By: RikeH

Hello Mum, 

Today was an important day…but not for us ToyVoyagers. Dicker Kumpel’s Mum  RikeH married her finance on the lighthouse of Amrum today. We TVs were not with them, but we waited at home.


There were only some gifts, because they decided to celebrate their wedding alone as a couple.


But someone wrote a huge card! Who was it? Well – how amazing! The ones of you who love Darts will definitely know this man!


Then we looked into a small nice book with lovely poems about love and marriage.


We all wanted to get a piece of the wedding cake!


I liked the flowers!


Later another gift arrived – it was from a very good friend of RikeH. We opened it and found this lovely pair of koala bears together with more nice stuff.


But now I want to say: Congratulations RikeH!


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