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Remscheid, Germany - 30th June 2013

By: olgamaus

Hi Mummy,
we took a walk today in the outskirts of Remscheid, in the district Lennep. When we parked the car I had a look at those skyscrapers, Katja told me that there were not many of them.


From here we went through a rural area with different fields. Here is growing  barley. It is used for brewing beer, Katja told me.


We went into a forest than. The ground was very wet and muddy, soon our feet and shoes became really dirty.


The branches of those larches were soft like fur.



All along the path foxglove is growing. Do we know foxglove in Hong Kong? Foxglove are looking beautiful, but they are poisonous.


The heavy rainfalls we had here during the week created a small creek across the path.



In a secluded hamlet we found this little church, it is called "Forest Church" (Waldkirche).

Out path led us along Wupper dam, a large barrier lake. River Wupper is dammed to a large lake.


On our way back to the car we walked along some more scenic hamlets.


In another barley field red poppies were growing.


Soon we reached the car and went back home.

Bye for today
Mr. Forest

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