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Moscow, Russia - 10th August 2013

By: sldr

Dear Mummy,

In the evening I went to Vorobievy Gory (or Sparrow Hills). It's one of the best and beautiful place in Moscow besides Red Square (host promised me to show it next week!). There are a lot of trees and the air here is so fresh and clean! Also it's located near Moskva (Moscow) River which makes the place more wonderful! A lot of citizens like to spend their free time and weekends here. I saw a lot of people who were cycling, roller-skating, running etc.


So, to see the river, we went down to the embankment.


There we rented a bicycle and we were cycling for two hours across the embankment. It was really nice!





While cycling, we found a memorial plaque, dedicated to the War 1812. My host loves history and she told me about this war. War 1812 is known by a famous Battle of Borodino which happened on August 26 (September 7 by a new calendar), 1812. It's the hugest and bloodiest battle of the war. The winner wasn't defined because French won tactically and Russian won strategically.


Also, the host showed me Luzhniki Metro Bridge (you can see it behind me). It's a bridge which connects Luzniki and Vorobievy Gory and it has two levels. The upper level is for cars and the lower one is for metro. There's located a metro station called "Vorobievy Gory". Great bridge!


When the renting time ended, we decided to take a little walk near the river.



Do you see a huge building? This is Moscow State University which was founded in 1755 by Mikhail Lomonosov (as I said before, my host is a history geek). Also she said that Moscow is located on seven hills. No, it's not that too real, it's just a historical name of several elevated territories which Moscow was built on. So there are seven high buildings, commemorated to this legend. I saw one of them and I hope my host will show me the remaining six.


Some purple flowers near the river! ✿ ✿ ✿


After such a long stroll, we decided to go back to the car. Here I had a little break with delicious chocolate sandwich and black tea with caramel flavour. Very tasty!


Afterwards we continued to explore Vorobyovy Gory. There's an observation area where almost the whole Moscow can be seen. Unfortunately, we couldn't go there due to a huge amount of people (because it's weekend) but host promised me to come back here on a weekday.


We walked near Moscow State University which I've seen from the embankment. The building is really magnificent!



Then I wanted to play a bit in the green grass, it smelled so good!



Can you see me, Mummy? http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m2vn3qgiNo1qdlkyg.gif


In the end of our stroll, I decided to explore some trees around there. So this is a thuja.



And this is a spruce!


I got so tired during such a great stroll and we decided to come back home and take a sleep.



I like Moscow very much, Mummy! Thank you so much for allowing me to travel here!

Lots of love,
Mr. Forest.


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