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Moscow Region, Russia - 16th August 2013

By: sldr

Dear Mummy,

Today I've returned from amazing trip to the dacha! It's located in about 90 km from Moscow and the nature differs a bit. There were a lot of flowers, trees and grass! I liked that place because the air was really fresh.

There I found a lot of trees! All these trees were planted about 20 years ago by host's grandfather. He still takes care of them!

So this one is plum. It's
purple and how my host said, it's soooo yummy!


This is an apple-tree. There I discovered a red apple! But we couldn't eat it because it's forbidden to eat apples from own trees before Savior of the Apple Feast Day which is celebrated here on August 19 every year.


But it smelled wonderful!


Then my host showed me some corn. It will be ready only in the end of August.


Afterwards I went to the garden! There were a few flowers because most of them blossomed in June-July. But anyway I found some!

This is "shrubby cinquefoil" which white flowers are very cute!



And yellow of course!


I was very lucky to find an orange lily!


Smelled good!


I found some pink phloxes in the graden! Unfortunately, a lot of flowers have already faded away. http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m2vn23j9Dw1qdlkyg.gif


Am I fabulous? http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m2vn2v3RSK1qdlkyg.gif


And then, after discovering around the garden, I decided to teeter on swings. Nice!


In the evening, me, my host and her family had a wonderful tea time with samovar! Samovar is a device to boil and heat water in it. Usually samovar is used for boiling water for tea. It's very popular in Russia and it's one of the symbols like matryoshka doll, balalaika..etc. By popular I mean samovar is a Russian tradition, all Russians use electric teapods now!



It was really fun to visit dacha!

Lots of love,
Mr. Forest.


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