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Sneakysnail's house, England - 30th December 2013

By: sneakysnail

Hi everybody.

We could not go out today as mum had planned because the weather was really cold, rainy and windy. So I suggested we all play hide-and-seek. Everyone liked the idea and I offered to count first.

I found everyone pretty quickly, they all hid right near each other! Then we all hid from Spotty Wot. I hid in a cupboard on the wall and he climbed up and found me. Next NiliHH was the seeker. I hid amongst some nice pots with faces on. Last to hunt was Dotty Wot and I hid with some other toys, the idea was to blend in! It worked, I was found second! After everyone had had their turn at seeking, we all sat down for a treat.

Mum gave us each a yummy sweet which we ate quickly.

Mrs Fleece


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