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Kazan, Russia - 2nd March 2014

By: Vunder

Dear Mum!

It was a busy week for Galiya apa and no sunny weather here, very strange for the native inhabitants :thinking:
Anyway I'm having fun here playing with the little one all day long :)
Today we cooked the national Tatar dish called "tokmach ashy", it's a kind of a noodle soup. Tokmach (made from wheat flour, eggs and water) was traditionally handmade though now mostly only old ladies prepare it in that way, the others just buy it in a shop:) I helped Galiya apa to peel the potatoes and onion and I'm very proud of myself! We added carrots, parsley and dill that were stored up in the freezer (that is very convenient I dare say and they are organic because Galiya apa's parents grow them in their garden at the coutryside) to the broth and boiled.
The soup was very tasty!!! ;)

Best wishes,
Your loving Glenn


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