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Novosibirsk, Russia - 19th November 2013

By: Abdysh

Привет всем!!! (have started to learn Russian  ;) )

Today we haven't had enough time to walk because my host had a competition. But Dasha took me with her and I could see a bit.

Fast breakfast:


Going by bus...


Then by subway. To get to it, you need to buy a token in a special machine.


By the way, there are some token machines which gives your subway token not for 18 roubles but for 32 up-and-down squats!!! You see, Olympics, sports, stuff like that... :D

In the subway.


Passing the central Lenina square.

This blue triangle is the countdown clock to Sochi 2014 Olympic game. (These are in every city in Russia). Now the Olympic torch is travelling through the country, so they're waiting for the moment when it arrives to NSK. :)


Finally Dasha and me reached the building where City Competition for students in Geography took place.


I secretly helped her to answer some questions, for example about Finland. :rolleyes:

After that, we went to a nearby Italian restaurant.


Toom-toorooroom... Banana Split dessert!!! I love it! :p


On the way back I saw that stylish pub called "Liverpool". Sing! "Weeee aaall live..." :D


New Year is the favourite holiday of Russians. Somebody has already started to do decorating. :)


If I stay until January I'll able to see how it's being celebrated here. But I don't sure if I do. How do you Henna think? :)

Much love! С любовью!

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