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Kiel, Germany - 29th December 2013

By: Fram


today at aroung 1 pm we started our journey to Kiel. Mum told me, it is in the north of Germany. When we arrived it was nearly dark night and raining.

After going to our hotel and putting our luggage to our room, we have been hungry and went to a restaurant called Vapiano.
This is an interessting restaurant. When you get in you get a card. With this card you order the the desk what you want to eat and then you get a something that vibrates when your meal is ready for pickup. When you want to leave, you give the card to the cash desk and pay.

After our dinner we went back to the hotel using "the dry way". At Kiel they have a big shopping mall. A nice way and interessting thinks to see inside. Although all shops have been closed, I had fun. I play hide and seek ;)

I had a really nice day. And I'm so excited ... Mum told me that we will travel with a big ship ...


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