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Kelowna BC, Canada - 13th May 2014

By: whodalalee

Oh mommy!  I have finally arrive in Canada....the ride wasn't as smooth as my flight to Barcelona but I arrived safely...I had many many new friends when I arrived. I was still in the mailbox when I first heard my friends....then they helped me out of my suitcase and I was finally able to meet them.  There is Princess the pink poodle, Betzi also from Germany, Molito the lamb and Prickles the Canadian Hedge Hog... They were so kind to me mommy! My host Arlene, says to tell you thank you for the wonderful card and magnet....she told me that I will have lots of fun here in Canada.
I was chatting with my new friends when Keiko and Charlee the dogs decided they wanted to meet me! I was a little afraid of Keiko, she is very big but Charlee (the border collie) was very pleasant....I then met who I think will be my best friend...one of the three cats.  His name is Gibbs and he really was very affectionate with me.... he sniffed me and butted his head with mine...but in the end, I decided I was okay with that, because everyone needs lots of love!  I am going to have a little sleep and then see what kinds of adventures I will have! Bye Mommy!


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