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Kelowna BC, Canada - 22nd May 2014

By: whodalalee

Mommy, I had a wonderful day today. Prickles and Betzi have their now hosts now, so they were very surprised when we had a party for them! They both squealed like little girls when we threw garlands at them and put big party hats on them! We played hide and seek as well as danced...but before I knew it, it was time for them both to pack up their suitcase and be on their way. Molito, Princess, Emil and I gave them both hugs before the packed into their suitcases....Prickles is on her first adventure, to Germany! And Betzi is continuing his adventure in Oakland California USA! Prickles was very nervous but I told her "if I can do it, so can you!"...I think that made her feel better....It was a great day!!! :D


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