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Rochester, MN, USA - 22nd May 2014

By: sannah

Hi there!

sannah has taken me to her work place already, but I also want to see where I am currently staying.

And what better way to do so and say hello to Rochester than with a bike ride? A bike ride? That is another of my life missions! Yay!

I sat down on sannah’s bike …


… but obviously, I am way too short to reach both the pedals and the handlebars of her bike! So we agreed on my spot being on the handlebars …


And off we went!

The grass is almost supernaturally green along Bear Creek.


We got a glimpse over Downtown Rochester in the distance.


Our bike ride brought us to Quarry Hill Park.


Then we passed this nice little pond close to the University Center at the east side of town –


The buildings in the background actually are the campus of Rochester, home of RCTC (Rochester Community and Technical College) and branches of other colleges, like SMU (St Mary’s University – from Winona).


We completed the circle in Slatterly Park. The trees are still blossoming a bit.


Whooow, riding a bike is really exhausting - and I didn't even have to pedal!

Greetings from almost summerly Minnesota!
Student Mouse

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