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James Lake BC, Canada - 27th May 2014

By: whodalalee

I am so happy my mommy adopted me...already having been home for one day, she and daddy are taking we on a fishing trip! I have made good friends with Molito, Rico, Emil and Princess...they are very welcoming to me....so on our first adventure together, we went to James Lake which is only 1 hour drive from home.  We enjoyed the sunshine and really relaxed. I had to wear this horrible life jacket, but with all my thick fur, I was too hot and it kept "coming off"...hehehe, I actually just wiggled out of it so many times, mommy gave up on me!  We caught 5 rainbow trout and saw many animals, like a blue heron, hawk, a loon, bunnies, and frogs....it was magical first day together!


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