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München, Germany - 19th July 2007

By: Pandamao

I had a nice chat with my host today. It seems she has stayed in a yurt and we were exchanging travel tips. Looks like there are more places for staying in yurts than only Mongolia. My host has stayed in a yurt of an Uighur family in the North-Western part of China (Xinjiang province) a long time ago (imagine - in 1987 - that's history). She says the nights have not been fun ... being locked into a corner and not able to get out (if not climbing over 20 people) and due to the strange food having the intestines playing hell with you. Well, that's not the topic to expand on here.
Otherwise she strongly recommends to see the Mongolian Republic during the National day. Then there are horse races, archery and wrestling contests. I've seen the photos, it's great. Inner Mongolia (that's a province in the PR China) is als nice but probably the Mongolian Republic is better.
Oh, I really want to go there having heard all those stories and seen the nice photos.

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