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Stockholm, Sweden - 23rd July 2007

By: Pandamao

On Monday our host took us on a business trip. As she could not get group travel rates (we were 10 including Pandamao) we had to squeeze hard into the suitcase. Luckily no broken seams or bones!

Later in the evening we went for a walk in the city center. There is lots of water ..... also from above, it was raining all evening. But we still managed to see from far the Kungliga Slottet (Royal Castle), Gamla Stan (Old City) and walked to Skeppsholmen Island where a lot of museums are located. The strange creatures in the photo must belong to the Modern Art Museum! We walked for quite a while until it was getting dark.

I tried to hire on that sailing boat and sail around the world, but they told me it's only for tourists and the viking days are gone. So I decided to hang on with my host a little longer if there's no adventure waiting.

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