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Trbovlje, Slovenia - 17th July 2007

By: nikar

Today I decided to type this by myself. It's just more fun that way, don't you think so.
Yesterday afternoon my host convinced me to go to the gym with her, so I went there for moral support. Of course, being as beautiful as I am, I didn't need any workout at all, but I helped my host. Unfortunately her batteries were empty, so there are no photo to prove my great ways of workout cheering.
Today I was woked up really early, at around 6 o' clock, when my host took the monster, who's name is Bon, out for a walk. Being very tired from my travel I decided to rest some more and she didn't mind at all. So I turned around in my bed and sleept till 9 o' clock, when my tummy started to make noises. I then left to eat some breakfast, which was ok. I will now help my host learn some stuff for school and I will finally get some time to chat with her toys. Abd believe me there are loads of friends to meet.

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