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Trbovlje, Slovenia - 18th July 2007

By: nikar

Today I was once again woken at 6 am, but this time I was invited to go for a walk with my host and Bon. Despite being tired I decided that I needed some fresh air and I wanted to see where I was staying of course. Since I was still a bit sleepy I gladly occupied free pocket in a backpack so that I was carried around.
And I was glad I did so, because we went for a nice walk and I had many beautiful things to see. Even tough this area is more of a poluted area and is not really famous for it's nature, I think that here where I am, the nature isn't as bad as I have expected. That is probably because my host doesn't live in the city, but a few km away from it, out on the countryside.
On this walk I have finally seen some cows, but unfortunately they were hiding in the shadow and I couldn't get totally close to them, because their field was wired. Still I did see them and they saw me and even greeted me nicely.
The walk was really refreshing and I will certainly do it again.
In the afternoon I will probably go to the vet, but do not worry, I am all right. I am completely healthy and happy. But my new friend monster Bon has gotten an allergy of some sort, which causes that his tail really itches and he has been biting it. Since it hasn't gotten any better inspite of the medications, he will probably get a shot today. I really sympathize with him and he is gratefull for that.

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