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go to Postcrossing International Meeting!!

travel by a rapid train

play with snow

go to Paris and climb Eiffel Tower

go to sauna in Finland :D

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Paris, France - 9th March 2009

By: octabis

I just arrived in Paris ... That was a long trip ! I don't really know where I've been to, but it's been a long time since I saw daylight !

But Paris looks nice. i haven't been visiting yet, but I'm really eager to see everything !
I already saw a church, right in the street of the post office.
It looked a little dirty, but this is my first french church, the sky is blue, and I'm in Paris, so i'm not complaining at all  :p
Too bad imajica isn't here to see that.

We have to go back to Val's flat, but she promised me I will visit soon !


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