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strasbourg, France - 13th March 2009

By: octabis

And we're in ... Strasbourg !
Beautiful city in the East of France.
We first went to put our backpacks in the hotel, then time for visits !
It was also the first time their for Valerie.
The old historic town is on a river. Most of the houses are typicall as you can see on the pictures.
In the morning, we visited the Cathedral, wandered in the streets, then time for lunch.
Then, we took a boat trip on the Ill, which is the river that goes across Strasbourg.
We saw lots of great places, including the European parlement.
Then back on the island for more sightseeing, and ended in the old hospital. You can see me there with liters and liters of wine ;)
Alsacian wines are really famous, and years and years ago, it was used to cure some diseases.
The oldest of theses barrels dates from 1400 !
Way much older than me !
Then time to go back to the hotel and sleep, day was exhausting, and we still have lots to see tomorrow !

Sur le bateau.jpg

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