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Dowerin, WA, Australia - 1st October 2007

By: Emmicoa

The sleep must have made time go quickly, because before I knew it we were in Dowerin!

Every year Dowerin hosts a big event called the Dowerin Field Days (www.dowerinfielddays.com.au) The event is a serious expo of farm machinery and equipment, from headers to water tanks and everything in-between. There are no livestock displays and certainly no sideshows, however there is a very large Family Interest Display section, situated under cover and featuring a vast array of products, from honey to craftwork through to kitchen accessories. People travel from all over the place, and children in surrounding areas even get a day off school to go :o

Emmi's kids were very excited when they saw the Tin Dog in Dowerin. They told me that when they see the Tin Dog, they know that we are half way to Perth :) Dowerin is in "Tin Dog Country" and the giant Tin Dog sits near Tin Dog Creek B)

Across the road from the Tin Dog, there is some old farm machinery on display at the information bay. We stopped there for a while so we could have a bit of a play

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