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Vienna, Austria - 13th September 2007

By: ChristinaB

Well, afterwards we continued our walk and went through the gate "Heldentor" which means something like hero... Perfect for me, hm?? We passed by Hofburg then. I was told that it was the residence of the Habsburg family but nowadays it hosts the national library, some museums and the president's office.

We went on to the absolute centre of Vienna where we found many typical cafés. One of them you can see here... Unfortunately we were a bit in a hurry so we didn't have time to sit inside but we watched through the windows and guess what we saw! A Lipizzaner horse completely made of sugar!! Imagine you are a horse and find yourself made of sugar standing in a shop window - isn't this crazy??? How glad am I to be a pig! We didn't see the real horses because they are still on holiday (they always spend summer in Styria I was told - lucky horses! That's what they get as a salary for being a sugar model!!)

Well, then we passed by St. Stephen's cathedral. It has such a colourful roof - I was really impressed. I like colourful things, did you already know that?

We ended our city walk at the opera. Our host told us to come back in February because then the famous opera ball will take place there. I just wonder if they would let me go in...


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