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Miami Beach, Florida, USA - 17th May 2008

By: tarepanda

We are in Miami, so naturally we have to visit the beach. 

First we see this white statue.  Only that it moves.  It gives us quite a scare, until our host tells us that she is a real person painted white to look like a status. 


We find this alligator head in a souvenir shop.  Being a brave bee I go to inspect its teeth. 


We then walk towards the beach.


Wow what a wide beach! 


And turning the other way we can see the buildings facing the ocean.


This is the Atlantic Ocean.  Very nice beach indeed.


Being Miami there are a lot of palm trees!  Here I am with my new friend, Groovy.


Next we walk down to Ocean Drive.  This is a famous street that shows up a lot in postcards and movies, renowned for the Art Deco buildings.  Like the pastel cute ones you see here.


And here's a famous landmark on Ocean Drive.  This house is where Versace, a very well-known designer (so I was told... I am not into fashion, you know...) once lived, and got killed.  He was shot to death at the door steps right there one morning when he walked home from breakfast.


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