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Brickell Key, Florida, USA - 31st May 2008

By: tarepanda

Today we go to a dragon boat festival.  In China, Dragon Boat Festival is one of the three major holidays, along with New Year and Mid Autumn Festival.  On this day, the villagers will hold races in boats and eat a special dumpling wrapped in bamboo leaves.

Today, dragon boat is a sport that is popular around the world.  The Miami race is held today and our host's team is participating.

It's a nice day to be out!


I spot the dragon boats on the water.  This is a mini boat, which only seats ten paddlers.  The standard size you see in the US seats 20, and in China there are boats that seats 50 or even 100 people, two in a row!


Here are the men teams loading into the boat.  They all look very strong!


We watch the race from the bridge.


There are a lot of booths selling different things. 

Look, some cute animal puppets!


Yikes, scary looking walking stick!


Wow!  A beautiful kimono from Japan.  The vendor tells us that it's a wedding kimono.  I think any bride will look love in it.


Here are some pots made from coconut in the shape of Flamingo, a tropical bird popular in Florida (as a motif, not that you can see them anywhere except in zoos).


This juice stand is very pretty!


This is the display of trophies for the event.


Oh here comes the dragon dance. 


There are some stage performance: Chinese acrobats, martial arts, singing, and this one is a Thai dance.


As it's a hot day, after the race, the teams have a water melon eating contest.  Ready?


It's really fun to watch!


Our team, Puff, does fairly good.  Here are the trophies we've won!  We are really proud!


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