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Missing, USA - 9th October 2008

By: tarepanda

Hi this is Floppers, Bumble's friend.  I got to know Bumble when we stayed together at Tarepanda's place.

I am sorry we don't have news about Bumble.  We said farewell to him back in July, when he flew off to see Oksana in Russia.  I think the trip may be too long for our little friend to fly.  Maybe he takes a rest and forgets that he has somewhere to go.  Bumble is sometimes forgetful like that. 

When Tarepanda told us that Bumble did not make it to Russia, we are all very worried.  But the post office said that unless we buy insurance on our packages, they cannot trace it. 

We also go online and find out that actually there is a Missing Bee Phenomenon going on.  A lot of honey bees are missing and people don't know what happen to them.  Looks like it's a tough time being a little bee.

Dear Bumble, we hope you are just resting somewhere and one day soon you will continue your journey.  We miss you a lot and are really sad not to have new from you! 


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