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Dance a congaline.

Go on the photo with so much different german shepards a possible.

Meet another kremlin(I hope as sweet as I am)

On the photo in a real American wallmarket.

Visit the big city New-York

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Vienna, Austria - 30th October 2007

By: ChristinaB

I finally arrived in Vienna, Austria now. I had a warm welcome from my host family: Mum, Dad and 3 little boys. I guess I'll have a funny time here ;)

I also got to knowmy toyvoyager mates which are staying here for a while, too. There is Frankie, a little giraffe who comes from the netherlands, too, then there is Decker, the friendly little lion from the UK and Cassiopeia, a very colourful turtle from Germany - so I'm really in good company ;)

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