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Hong Kong, Hong Kong - 7th December 2007

By: tarepanda

It is a really exciting day!!

First of all, a TVer arrived from Russia.  His name is Mister Right.  His mommy thought that he and I really look like twins.  But he is more like a baby cousin.  He is really cute and shy, I like him a lot.  Though he doesn't speak a lot of English we are best of friends already.


Mister Right was about to unpack his bags but we told him not to bother, as we are leaving for China in a few hours!! Actually he is very lucky to have made it in time!

So here we are, in the airplane.


This is the plane we are taking.


Yum... Ice cream and pizza for in flight snack!

Yay, we finally arrived!  Welcome to Hong Kong!  First, let's pick up some tourist guide.


Don't forget our lugguages!


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