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Hong Kong, China - 25th December 2007

By: tarepanda

Today we visited a Buddhist nunnery with Tarepanda and her mom.  Her mom was worried that the nunnery may be closed for the holiday but Tarepanda said that she can't imagine a Buddhist temple closing for a Christian holiday.  Indeed it was not.  :D

While the Chilan Nunnery is a relatively new building, it used architectural technique from the Tang Dynasty, around the 7th century.  It is an all wooden structure built without using one nail.  As Tang Dynasty is the period with heavy cultural exchange between China and Japan, this style of architecture is commonly found in Japanese Zen Buddhism temples.

This is the entrance (West Gate).



A watermill useful for grinding flour, though they are not really using it now.



This is a really beautiful lake with a lot of koi fishes in it.



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