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Hong Kong, China - 7th December 2007

By: tarepanda

Wow the last few days are like a whirlwind.  And I found that I have done an around-the-world-in-ten-days stint!

Well, when I arrived in my host family, I thought I will just stretch a bit, relax for a bit before I get to do some sight-seeing.  But when I started to unpack, my TV friends told me not to bother, because we will be leaving in a few hours!! Turned out our host is going on a trip to visit her family in Hong Kong.  I feel really lucky that I arrived just in time.

So, before I know it, I am on the airplane again!  But this trip is much better because I get to sit inside the cabin, chat with my new friends, and even eat a snack of pizza and ice cream!



Yay, we finally arrived!  Welcome to Hong Kong!  First, let's pick up some tourist guide.


Don't forget our lugguages!


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