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Hong Kong, China - 14th December 2007

By: tarepanda

In Hong Kong I have tried some new food I have never seen before.  Not that I have tasted a lot of cuisine.

This thing here looks like a worm cocoon, but actually is a tasty candy stuffed with peanuts, coconut, sesame and sugar, and wrapped in finely spun flour.  It's called dragon beard candy.


This dumpling is very famous from Shanghai.  Called Xiao Lung Bao, it takes a lot of craft to make a good one - the wrapper has to be thin but not too thin, or it will burst and the juicy stuffing and soup inside will spill.


  Today we went for dim sum.  The soup in the front is made with shark's fin.  It's considered a delicacy here.  But Tarepanda told us it's bad because it causes the sharks to become endangered.


Tonight we went to a place called Mongkok.  It is, according to the Guiness Record, the crowdest place on earth.


The shops here are open till 11pm or so and the streets don't get quiet till after midnight.  We went to a street nicknamed Women's Street, for it sells a lot of things like accessories and clothes for a low price.


They even have fake name brand stuff, like Rolex watches  and Gucci handbags.


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