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Macau, China - 18th December 2007

By: tarepanda

Today we had a great time at the Museum of Macau.

First, we see this terra cotta warrior at the entrance.  The real warriors are in Xian guarding the tomb of the First Emperor, but I want a photo with him anyway!!


This tablet shows how letters like moon, field and water evolved from pictographs into characters. 


These are some coins from hundreds of years ago.


These are how typical Portuguese style buildings look in Macau.


And a little mailbox!


This is the set up of a traditional tea house in the olden days. 


And this is a shop where they make little god statues so people can put in their homes.


A traditional medicine shop.  There is a big chopper for chopping up herbal roots and a grinder for grounding the herbs.


Afterwards we enjoyed some Macanese lunch of chicken and bacalhua.


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