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Moscow, Russia - 20th February 2008

By: kristl

Hello-hello! :)

Today all the TVs went for a big visit! Kristl took us to another flat (where she had to wait while a new door was being installed). And there we met many new stuffed friends!!

Here you can see me on Flora's back! The was so kindthat she let me ride her a bit :)


Rangler who ahs already been there once and knew some Toys there invited us to meet his friends - 4 Dogs.


When Flora and Decker head that we're going to meet dogs they became a bit angry and didn't want to go.


Rangler told them once more that these dogsare very kind, that they're his friends and that they'd like to make new friends. Then they calmed down and decided to go with us too.


When we came to the 4 dogs Rangler introduces them to us


The light dog with light ears is called Sunny, the brown dog is called Cloudlet, the light dog with black ears is Glasha (it's and old Russian name) and the Dalmatian is Glasha too. That's so funny that two diffenet dogs with the same name live together!!

Then Rangler introduced us to the dogs!


The Dalmatian Glasha liked Flora very much. I'm sure they'll become good friends!


I and Decker discovered that we can hide ourselves with the dogs :)) That was mich fun! Can you see us?


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