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Meet 5 different Earth animals.

Show Hank how to say "Hello" in five different languages.

Get my picture taken with gnomes.

Learn what your hometown is famous for.

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Vienna, WV, USA - 21st January 2008

By: MissMelissa

Meet Auggie. Auggie (or Augustus when he's in trouble) is an alien from a distant planet. He began his journey many light years ago when he was launched out of his home planet's atmosphere into the universe. He was pointed in Earth's general direction and began to be pulled in to Earth's gravitational force just hours ago. While free-falling from space, he met up with Steve Perry and the other members of Journey and decided to sky-dive to Earth with them. He landed in my yard shortly after that. Armed only with a letter and a tag with some numbers on it, he informed me I was to send him out into the world so he could learn all about Earthly culture until he goes to live with his human sponsor, Hank. Hank will be two when Auggie goes to live with him, where they will no doubt be good pals.

Auggie is looking to visit all over the world and see the various monuments, people, festivals, architecture and weird "Earth-y" things your town has to offer. Auggie likes anything fun, odd or unique about where you live. An official WorldTrip book will be made after his journey closes with any souvenirs and photographs of all of the excellent places Auggie pops up.


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