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Münster, Germany - 15th February 2008

By: Mizzery

After a few days chilling at home, we planned a trip to Münster, a pretty big town close to Greven.

So they had to say goodbye to their new friends (a little bunch of dragons) to accompanie me to the city.


As Auggie wanted to see more of the countryside of the region we decided to go by train instead of going by car.


One thing, thats very special about Münster is that we have many many churches here. The people always say in Münster either the church bells are ringing or its raining!



Next thing we visited the castle, next to the university of Münster.


We spend some minutes walking through the castle gardens and afterwards went to " das blaue Haus" (the blue house) a famous restaurant here in Münster.


Soon the little toyvoyagers were very tired by the long walk and we paused at a fountain.



But we weren't finished with our trip yet. After the break we made our way to the city hall. It's a very very old building in the center of Münster. It's kind of amazing that such old buildings are next to the modern ones and the shopping streets.


Auggie noticed even more churches than I showed him. In the back around of this picture again: a church.


Auggie also learnd a few more words German! A "Kirche" is a church, a city hall is called "Rathaus" here in Germany and Hello how are you is "Hello, wie geht es Dir?" in German.

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