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Novosibirsk, Russia - 17th December 2007

By: Oksana

Today I've finally came to Novosibirsk, Russia to my new host Oksana. She received me in the morning and took to her office, so I spent the whole day there. It was very interesting!
At first I climbed on the Christmas tree that stood in Oksana's office. Here I am :)

And I hung some Christmas balls on the tree.

Then I worked with Oksana- we were making some financial report.

When the report was finished we went to another room. There was one more Christmas tree. Here am I with my new friends teddy bears under the tree  :D

I found so-o  many magazines there!

When the secretary went for a lunch, Oksana asked me to replace her for an hour. It was very funny!

I got some sweets for that job and was allowered to dance on the Egyptian drum :)


Now I feel very tired  and sleepy, so I'm going to bed. Tomorrow I will tell you about Oksana's house, her pets, show you some new photos with my new friends and besides that Oksana promised to take me for a walk :)

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