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Leiden, The Netherlands - 29th July 2008

By: Charda

Today was another exciting day. Do we get any rest around here? We went to Leiden today. Our host had some errands to run there and we tagged along. Ceryni had already been there, but not me. We went by bus and this was the first statue we saw once we arrived. A statue of Rembrandt!
Right behind the statue of Rembrandt was this nice building. Inside the building is a secondary school.
This was at the other side of the street.
Here was yet another statue about Rembrandt.
And another painting of Rembrandt :) Apparently Rembrandt was born in this city. That's why there are so many statues of him everywhere.
Look! This is me with a real Dutch windmill :)


Since it's my life mission to visit universities, my host took some pictures of me with her university, Leiden University it is called. It is the oldest university in the Netherlands. My host is a part-time student of English Language and Culture and this is the building where she has her classes. The building is called 'Lipsius'.

This university is not situated on one campus, but it has different buildings throughout the city.

This is the university library:

This is the other side of the Lipsius building.

These buildings hold the smaller faculties, one of which is English. That is where the professors have their offices and the daytime students sometimes have classes in these buildings.

This building is the 'Kamerlingh Omnes Gebouw' (gebouw is Dutch for building). This is where the law-faculty resides, so this is where our host's boyfriend gets his classes.

Here I am in front of the Pieterskerk. Unfortunately lots of construction men were working on this building, so we couldn't get a better picture than this, if we wanted a picture without scaffolding. Do you see the picture with the two keys over the door? That's the coat of arms of Leiden.

This is all of us on a cache, a real geocache. This is where we left the travelbug that was sent to our host via Postcrossing. Our host had found this cache last year, so she walked straight to it, without a GPS this time.

Just look at these houses. They're so typically Dutch.



Here we walked by another building that belongs to the university. My host thought this was where the library used to be. The flags look pretty cool :)

And then there was a surprise when we got home. Two new TVs were waiting for us! Their names are Resi and Chipper.

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