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Bruchsal, Germany - 24th December 2007

By: fam-united

Today is Holy Eve and everyone is very very excited. There are so many things to be prepared for the evening. The house smells like Christmas and you hear Christmas songs in the radio and from cd.
My friends are sitting at our place at the window and watch Petra and me doing our work. I asked them to not look at us, because I don't want them to know, what we are doing, so they played a game and talked and listened to the music.

Petra prepared a dough and baked 'Stšnglein'. After they cooled down, I spread one with nougat and lied the second on it.

Then I melted the chocolate to dip the Nugatkipferl in it.

After that I had to make the dough for the white bread. It is a recipe of my mum's granddad and the whole family just loves that bread.

Petra promissed to take some more photos with me and her window decoration and here it is. She cut out the new donkey and the Bethlehem star

After the nougat between the two 'Stšnglein' was firm, it was time for me to do the icing

After the sugar-citron icing was dry, I started to paint ornaments with chocolate on it. It is rather difficult to do this. Here you see me writing Snowy's name.

I had to paint all these cookies and you can believe I have been really tired after that.

But of course there was no time to relax, because I had to prepare dinner with my assistent Petra.

First we had to blanch the chicken breasts.
Then we had to prepare the white sauce. Petra told me, that she would make a 'Mehlschwitze' (roux) now, it's a funny word. We did some asparagus, peas and mushrooms to the chicken in the sauce
At next we prepared the 'Kinderpunsch' (children punch).

Of course we had to wash the salad and prepare the dressing too. I asked Petra to cut the onions, because I just started to cry, when I saw it.

At last I prepared the table for dinner. Do you like it?

And then I looked, whether everything is ok at the crib, so I could fetch my friends to bring them to that place in our dining room


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