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Cupar, Fife, Scotland - 1st March 2008

By: Ocean_Soul13

Finally, the weather is better! We woke up this morning on out host's weekend off to beautiful sunshine! It's not very warm, but still better than all the wind and rain we've been having recently!

Before we could go out though, we had to do some housework!!


We found some really pretty pink stones on our way out too, our host says that they're from South Africa!



Finally we got to go outside!


We found some nice crocuses, the first of Spring! They must be finding it difficult to push up out of the soil with all those leaves piled up on top of them!


We climbed a tree next, and I beat everyone to the top! Yay!


Then we decided to have a game of football - but we had a ball each, so it started to get complicated very quickly!


After a lot of running about, there is nothing better than a nice cool drink of juice!

Hopefully the weather stays this nice!

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