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Cupar, Fife, Scotland - 31st January 2008

By: Ocean_Soul13

Hello! Me again! Sorry for not having written earlier, we have just been extremely busy! After my last entry, my host had to work for 10 days in a row, so I accompanied her for all those days! Since she works in a nursing home we were unable to take any pictures, to respect the privacy of the residents!

On Monday, we spent a nice relaxing day in front of the television, where we watched some tv shows such as CSI, which I enjoyed very much!  :D

On Tuesday we took a trip to the post office, because my host was sending Pipari out on his travels! He is travelling to Costa Rica first, and I wish him well on his journey!  B)

Yesterday we went to Dundee, a city close to where my host lives in Cupar - about a 25 minute train journey. The train journey was very exciting, especially when we went across the bridge! In Dundee there is a large ship called The Discovery, which made a journey all the way to the North Pole! Sadly there are no photos, because my host had lent her camera to her sister, who was going to a concert that night!  :thinking:

The weather has been quite bad here recently - very strong winds, lots of rain, and at the moment it is snowing and raining at the same time! So hopefully when the weather clears a bit we will be going on a nature trail, or down to the river to take some photos! And hopefully we will find some Scottish wildlife, I'd like to meet some!  ;)

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