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St Andrews, Fife, Scotland - 2nd February 2008

By: Ocean_Soul13

Guess what? Even though the weather has been so bad, Becca and her boyfriend took me through to St Andrews for the day yesterday! They were going to visit her boyfriend's mum, but they said I could do a bit of sightseeing first! Yay!

Here's me on the bus, it was very comfy, more like a coach than a bus!

We saw lots of things out the windows, like this strange tower thing. I'm not sure what it was, but David said it had something to do with when Cupar was a farming town - it was the main farming town in the whole of East Fife, and all the farmers would come together and sell their goods!

When we were only 2 minutes outside of Cupar we were straight into the countryside! We tried to take a good picture, but the bus was going so fast everything went blurry!

First we went to St Andrews Castle, which is a ruin - the inhabitants of St Andrews wanted to keep it a part of history and not renovate it - although every year there are still repairs made on it to stop it falling down!

This is a picture of the part of the sea next to the castle - as you can see it was very stormy!

So we decided that we should make our way up to David's mum's for a nice cup of tea to warm us up! On the way up, we spotted this sign, which looked very interesting!
I think I'd like to go on that tour one night!

We stayed at Mo's house for a few hours, then got the bus home. It was too dark to take photos, so I just stayed nice and warm in Becca's bag!

When we got back to Cupar we went to David's house, where we watched The Sopranos and relaxed a bit.

I only had one mum, I promise!!

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